“I have worked under Andy now for 2 years. Within this time he has been a great leader and mentor in the workplace. He is extremely approachable and has a great balance between a professional and modern management style. This makes time at work really pleasurable and enjoyable!”

“I worked with Andy to learn all about LinkedIn. Writing content, engaging with an audience, forging connections and building my profile. Andy has given sound advice and I can see the impact immediately. A sound coach and a genuinely top fella. Highly recommended 👌”

“Having worked under Andy for 4 years, he has been a great leader and lead by example. Andy is extremely approachable and always puts his colleagues and team first. Andy has played a very big part in developing my role and learnings within Submission Technology. Overall Andy is a great manager and true delight to work with.”

“Having worked under Andy for over 4 years, I’ve seen first hand his desire to coach and influence his team in all aspects of development and learning both inside and outside the work place. He’s always created a relaxed, positive and and yet motivated atmosphere across what is very competitive sales industry and within a team that has heavily grown over the years. It’s been both a pleasure and a great learning experience operating under Andy and long may it continue”

“Working with Andy for 3 years I can say he truly puts the T in Team. Andy is no doubt one of the most experienced and knowledgeable managers I have met. His understanding of each individual on the team combined with his market experience makes for an unbeatable manager.”