My Story…

It’s always tough to write these pages without boring the pants off the reader. I’ve read so many over the years that didn’t keep me longer than the first paragraph so lets hope I can do a better job with ‘The Unconventional Boss’.

The short version is, I have never really been what you would call a ‘Conventional Manager’, hence the name. Traditional methods thrust upon us by out of date trainers never really ticked my boxes, and in corporate life, that held me back.

So thank the lord, I am no longer in corporate life!


After working as a retail manager for 11 years, I knew it was time for me to move into a whole new world. It was at this point I found Digital Marketing. This industry was right up my street, it got me. My style was right at home and I could finally work with people the way they wanted to be worked with.

“Having worked under Andy for 3 years, he has been a great leader and lead by example. Andy is extremely approachable and always puts his colleagues and team first. Andy has played a very big part in developing my role and learnings within Submission Technology. Overall Andy is a great manager and true delight to work with.”

-Hannah Siggers – Head Of Account Management-

Over the last 9 years, our team of 20 have not only delivered exceptional growth together, but each and every one of us has developed into the best possible versions of ourselves. We are happy, we are united, we are people first.

So why launch ‘The Unconventional Boss’?

For years I have been speaking to people that wished they had more freedom, more flexibility, more of a voice. They were stale, suppressed and in many cases… Bored. You have probably got people in your business right now that fit into this category and you don’t even know.

Business owners are often too busy to support new managers through the extremely tough process of becoming great team builders. They need people to take ownership of parts of the business but have no idea what that actually involves. It’s not their fault, It’s just not what they get excited about.

This is where I can help….

What do you get if you work with me?

Think of me as your expert team builder, without paying me a full time wage to micro manage your super enthusiastc young managers. These people need guidance, but on thier terms and when they need it.

The Unconventional Boss program allows your people to speak to me at any time, 7 days a week. They will have questions, lots of questions and very often, don’t even know they have questions until I start asking them questions…. That’s a lot of questions!

Building world class teams that deliver on your aspirational goals takes time, and more importantly, an understanding of your people. Working with me will shift the mindset from targets and revenue, to people via emotional intelligence.

Having worked under Andy for over 4 years, I’ve seen first hand his desire to coach and influence his team in all aspects of development and learning both inside and outside the work place. He’s always created a relaxed, positive and yet motivated atmosphere across what is very competitive sales industry and within a team that has heavily grown over the years. It’s been both a pleasure and a great learning experience operating under Andy and long may it continue.”

– Will Perkins – Head Of Sales –

As a business owner, there is rarely enough time in the day to complete our ever increasing job list, let alone mentor your junior managers. They are thrust into positions of power with little or no awareness of the influence they now have. If that influence is not used in the right way, its a fast track to bad morale, low staff engagement and ultimately… Poor results!

Speak to me today about your weeks free consultation period to see what I can do for you, your teams, and you performance.